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Well publicised in national, local and international press, radio and television, Veronica Franklin Gould's exhibitions - major centenary events and small focussed exhibitions - raised the profile and widened the audience of the Watts Gallery at Compton, Surrey. With Arts and Business awards, VFG created for the gallery a key theatrical event at the National Portrait Gallery in London.

Veronica Franklin Gould, art historian, editor, curator, fundraiser and biographer of the Victorian artist George Frederic Watts O.M. R.A. (1817-1904), writes and lectures on the life and work of G. F. Watts, of the craftswoman Mary Seton Watts (1849-1938), the pioneer photographer Julia Margaret Cameron (1815-79) and the actress Ellen Terry (1847-1928). After an early career in publishing, Veronica trained at Christie's and published guidebooks to the Surrey village of Compton and Watts Chapel: An Arts & Crafts Memorial. Her biography G. F. Watts: The Last Great Victorian, published by Yale University Press in 2004, is regarded as the definitive work on Watts.

Her ‘truly excellent’ centenary exhibition Tennyson at Farringford (2009) established museum display conditions in the Victorian poet laureate’s library on the Isle of Wight.'